First evidence found that 'cryptic female choice' is adaptive

2016-04-25 03:58:22

Researchers studying chinook salmon have provided the first evidence that 'cryptic female choice' (CFC) enhances fertilization success and embryo survival. Cryptic female choice involves females using physical or chemical mechanisms to control which male fertilizes their eggs after mating, and is known to occur in a number of species.

Predators drive social complexity

2016-04-25 03:57:41

Variation in social organization and behavior of highly social animals like cichlids is primarily explained by predation risk and related ecological factors. This stresses the significance of predation for social evolution, report scientists.

Fishing for the future of coral reefs

2016-04-25 03:57:02

New fishery regulations based on science are needed in the Caribbean to give coral reefs a fighting chance against climate change, according to an international study.

Forgotten fish turns up in West Texas

2016-04-25 03:55:33

With no more 'swimmable' water than thirsty West Texas has, it's hard to imagine a fish, even a minnow-sized fish could remain 'missing' for more than a century. But due to a case of mistaken identity, such is the case, says a scientist.


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